As I have mentioned many times, the second movie has a deadline date of the 15th, oh yes, thats Friday. Will it be done in time? Will it not? Who knows? Not me! 

I hope it is done in time - because otherwise we will be delayed. Why is this a BIG problem? Because we have such a busy March - which therefore causes a busy February - and if we don't have this movie set in ground by the end of this month with a few scenes completed, we will be delayed, and all the future movies will be out later than planned.

As most of you know, we have set a deadline for this movie. and the deadline is the end of August. To put this into proportion, the deadline equivalent to this one for the second movie was the March one we had for the first movie. 

This means, with any luck, we will beat our deadlines again and have it out July or early August time. Who knows? It is too early tell at this point! Let's hope we beat our deadlines!

Animator Meerkat


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