Lately we have had loads of views on the website, and it looks like we may be coming to the end of this period. As nearly 100 people have viewed part 1 of the meerkat movie (98) we were hoping to get people to come to the website.

Luckily, our new iPhone app is being released in a couple of days, and this will provide direct links to the website. In fact, you can visit the website, and you tube channel within the app! How amazing! This means our new 'mobile period' will begin and lots of you can get the FREE app when it comes out and your friends can get it and you can watch the movies, forever, with no wifi, for FREE! 

So also, Picture Meerkat says he has written about half an hour worth of script - this means he has a week to write the last 25-30 minutes or so. We will see how he does! It is a pretty strong story line. Good work picture!

Animator Meerkat


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