I am not impressed at all with Picture Meerkat. Over the last month, I have worked my butt off to get this movie out in time, and to order and export it. I even made the DVD and added 6 special features. I went through and checked all the sound levels. Please remember, it was Christmas for me too!

This is what I was worried about, Picture Meerkat has JUST started writing the script for the next movie, when I had the last one done in two days! It doesn't seem fair that the commitment for him isn't there. We have a busy March coming up, so I want to have this movie set and started before then. Picture is talking about having the script done by February.

Well don't you guys worry! I told him good! If it is not done by January 10th to 15th, then I will either scrap his movie, or write the rest myself. You are my witnesses to this decision, and he has been notified of this.  

I know it was Christmas, but for goodness sake! I maintained all the above and even managed to update the website every single day! When was his last post you ask? NOVEMBER! So that shows what kind of commitment there is with him. I wanted you guys to know, I am less than happy with him. I thought, as our faithful followers, you deserved to know the truth!

So there it was!

Happy New Year Guys! Again!

Animator Meerkat


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