Hi Everyone,

After the rather disappointing news yesterday (check the post below) today I have some news from the other end of the spectrum! Yes, I have good news for you all, and its actually rather exciting.

Following about 5 attempts to make a DVD for the first movie in second generation I have finally succeeded. The problem was, I couldn't get the DVD to burn with the new optimisations and changes for the second generation without it crashing at some point. The closest I got was attempt 3, where the DVD was fully burnt but the VOP wasn't amended (if that means anything to anyone!). 

Finally though, after over 10 hours worth of time with my other laptop on, trying to make this last DVD for the three movies so far, I managed! I'm so grateful to my computer for finally managing to create the DVD for you, because I didn't want to have to tell you all that there would be no second generation DVD for movie 1, because that would have been yet more disappointing news.

Luckily everything has worked out this time, so if you click here you can visit the movie store, and browse through the items currently available for public sale (although the DVDs are on pre-order only until their formal release on Sunday 2nd January).

So far, we have had a record number of pre-orders for this second generation of DVD, so thank you to everyone who has brought a copy so far, I've been busy dispatching copies of the DVD today, and I thank you for purchasing a copy of the DVD because it means your supporting this project - suggest it to your friends as well!

Thanks everyone and have a great start to your new year in two days!

Animator Meerkat



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