Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a good Christmas, I sure did. Hopefully your beginning to settle back into normal life after the excitement of the weekend - well, all until next weekend!

Some exploding (get it? Fireworks equals celebrations equals new years eve? No? Ok) news for you all right now, you can now watch all of the movies so far, in one single segment, over on YouTube. I wont be doing advertising for them again, so they might not get above 500 views, but we'll just add their totals to the viewing figures we have had for the separate films.

On Boxing Day, I took the chance to get some recording for movie 4 under way, and I got one of the voice actors to record her lines. I've safely added them to her folder now. Speaking of which, the guest stars whom we expect will be joining us for this movie have been sent their lines, and one of them expects to start recording in the next few days, and the other expects to start next week, so we'll see how it goes.

It does make sense after all, because January was always meant to be recording month, and it looks like it is going to be the period where Picture Meerkat comes to Meerkat HQ to record his lines! So we should have a busy January news wise, so be ready for it people!

The web store is now up and running on this very website, if you head to the movie store by clicking here you will see some great items which may well catch your eyes. At the minute, we only have the second generation/edition DVDs on sale in the web store, but we'll be adding new merchandise soon if the DVD sales take off. We have already had interest from a few people, and a few others are debating whether to go for the purchase or not. One DVD is only £3 which is a bargain, so head over to the store and grab your new generation copy now.

Don't know what is new in generation 2? Head to the store, it has got all the details!

Animator Meerkat



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