Hello Everyone,

Finally, today I have some really exciting news to update you all about. Since the beginning of the movie series, most people (e.g. podcast/special feature fans) will know that what really annoyed me was that we do everything ourselves, apart from the music, which we have always had to find online, and therefore use someone else's music. Everything changes. Today.

I am dead excited to announce the addition of a new member of the team, as chosen by myself. Jeremiah Pena, a 16 year old game/film composer from Utah, USA. For this movie, movie 4, he will be composing original music for the film, including an original theme tune, credit music, action scene music etc. This is really exciting news for the movie series and for all of you! It means, movie 4, will be the first movie which will be completely original. 

If the movie series continues past movie 4, Jeremiah will hopefully stay on the team too, but lets not jump the guns just yet! I have added a new page, which you can get to from here on the website. It includes information about him, and his work as well as some great music from his YouTube channel which I've embedded! 

Looks like movie 4 has just got a whole lot more exciting!

Animator Meerkat


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