Hi Everyone,

Suddenly I feel like I have so much news for you all, all the time! I mean, everyday at the minute I'm updating you with something new, whereas last month we were lucky if I got the chance to update once a week!

I have got some honors for my other YouTube channel, although I'm sure you've seen them if you wanted to over the last few days, so I wont post them at the bottom of this post today (as I would usually) because there is nothing new, just clenching hold of what I have already got!

The big movie news is the script has been finished today. I pulled out all the stops to get the script finished and all 17 pages of it are now complete with stage directions, timings and pure movie magic! I'm glad to see the back of the script writing because I find it can get quite tedious at times, so I'm glad to be finished with that for a bit! Tonight, I have sent out the script to the various people that need a copy and with any luck they will have a chance to look at it over the next few days!

Picture Meerkat has already told me that this month is going to be a slow month movie wise from him, and we can't expect much better next month, which is a real shame. That's why the rest of us (especially Kyle and I!) will do our best to continue to be here and update you with all the latest news as we hear it!

As I keep mentioning, there are a number of special guests I'm in contact with, and I'm hoping to confirm at least one for the fourth movie if not two, but I'm writing this in the post because I want to remind you that it might well go belly up, and then they might not be able to make it into the recording stage with us. So please, don't feel annoyed if we don't end up getting a special guest, I'm doing the best I can!

Finally, today, I have recorded the new episode of the vlog series that Kyle and I are doing to show you what is happening behind the scenes here at the movie series. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click HERE to visit the homepage and watch Kyle's first episode of the video diary type side project we have now introduced. For episode two, which I'll begin editing tomorrow, I have included an intro theme, music, effects and generally it looks a lot more polished, and I hope you will agree when you guys finally get to see it!

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