Hi Everyone,

As you can see, I'm getting back into the swing of things and I'm updating you with more news, more regularly! So happy days everyone! The first thing to point out is my other YouTube channel has maintained a number of honors, both for videos and for the channel, so you can check those honors out, as always, at the bottom of the post!

I have been busy script writing today, and when I did my read through about half an hour ago, I noticed that I have written about 44 minutes worth of screen time and movie for you all! This means, I only need to write anywhere between another 2 and another 6 minutes, which is excellent news for me because I was beginning to run out of ideas. I have one really good idea for the finish that kind of ties the events of the movie up together, which is exactly what I was trying to use for the ending, which is excellent for me as well! I hope to finish the script and get it to sent out to the people that need it tomorrow.

Finally, I have got a number of people still in questioning about becoming special guests for the fourth movie. Unfortunately, none of them have sent me recordings yet, so I still can't announce any names. Luckily though, a number of them have told me they're recording lines for me at the minute, therefore I hope to secure at least one, if not two (or more) special guests (and I mean proper special guests!) for the fourth movie!

Oh, and by the way, the new proper Christmas banner is now above, check it out!

Honors below!

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