Hi everyone,

This post is more of an off-topic post compared to the normal content we put on the website for you. This is because, this post is more about outside achievements rather than the movie series. 

My second channel has now achieved more video honors, in fact it has received 4 honors altogether for today! You may wonder how this links to the movie series. You know me, I wouldn't bring it up if it was irrelevant. The reason I have this new channel is to allow me to take a completely different spin on YouTube and to let myself go wild and upload whatever I feel like. Then, if I become big enough on this YouTube channel, I want to use the traffic from that to boost the movie ratings and the movie fans. Therefore, I am really happy to have achieved these honors, and the honors are completely from my own content!

Seeing how well I continued the script yesterday, I do intend to do some more script work for you today. I would like to be say two thirds/three quarters of the way through the script by the end of today, but I'm determined not to rush it, so if something doesn't fit my vision for this movie, I wont write it until I can't find any other alternative!

Honors Below!

Animator Meerkat


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