Hi Everyone,

I thought the title was pretty fitting for what we have had the last two to three weeks. Yes, this seems to be a rather silent section in movie history, in which I have little to update you on, but with a few minutes spare today, I felt it was time to give you the update! The cogs are beginning to turn and we can begin to update you more regularly.

First and foremost, I'm hoping to confirm to you all a guest over the next two to three weeks, he just wants Christmas off, and then intends to begin movie work with us! If I can help it, he will become a regular movie/podcast addition to the team, which would be quite interesting! As soon as I know more, I'll be sure to let you know!

Picture Meerkat has begun work on some animating. He has managed to find some time during the Christmas break to begin movie work. When I say he has begun animating, I mean the pre-animating stage, where he draws out the different characters, vehicles, objects etc. and then he uses them to animate the entire movie. He has drawn a ship for you all, every view covered and he sent it to me this morning and it looked lovely!

Good job, for once, Picture Meerkat!

Animator Meerkat


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