Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but no one else is going to deliver the message, so the role falls to me. Regrettably, specialeffectskat, Dave, has had to leave the project due to unforeseen issues.

He unfortunately does not only not have the time to animate a fully 3D film any more, but also he has some personal issues that he needs to get sorted out before he can think of much else. By personal issues, I mean unforeseen circumstances for him in his personal life which he needs to get sorted out in the quickest time possible. 

I hasten to reassure you that ever since I found out the news this morning, I have been seeking the best talent available to take over from him. At this current point, I have no news for you, but as soon as I achieve some responses and some news, you'll be the first to be updated - you loyal website viewers.

In a way, I am rather happy that he finally made his mind up, because I haven't had contact with him since before November, and I was getting worried. At least now we know where we stand and can make adjustments and try to find someone to replace the role as 3D animator.

Animator Meerkat


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