Before we get onto the amazing honors news, Picture Meerkat didn't turn up for work today. With no explanation, it leaves me with one thought. When he popped out his council burrow (because I blew the other one up and he can't afford a new one yet) he must have seen a spec of snow or frost on the ground. He realised, that should he venture out into it, he might slip over, catch a cold or even worse, be stuck at work in a snowstorm. So he didn't show!

Anyway, onto the GOOD news. Today, I have seen we have our best honors so far. We have 3 today. All of which I expect will go up over night. As we have had loads of views today, which are yet to be counted.

Perhaps the main bit of news, we have gone over 1,100 views on part 1 of the meerkat movie early this morning. This has been my first chance to post about it. I am so happy! Thank you for watching the movie! Honors below:

Animator Meerkat



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