EDIT: Yes, we have started the fixing and patching up! The below (well, most of it) still applies so read it, but I can confirm that all parts of movie 1 and the trailer for movie 2 (teaser trailer 1) can now all be found online HERE we will be trying to get the rest of the meerkat videos (like special features) up as soon as possible. I am going to start fixing the links on the site now, so bare with me if some of the links don't work when you click them!

Big problem tonight which you need to be made aware of. Unfortunately, do to a reason we haven't been informed of, our YouTube Channel: Th3AppStoreReviewer has been permanently suspended. YouTube never informed us as to why, or how but this afternoon, the channel was no more.

This means, on the homepage, I have had to delete the link to part 1 of the movie, being that the video no longer exists. Watch this post though, because I am deeply busy in uploading all the Edvard Orlovski: The Movie Videos onto a new channel: bandsandmovie. So, bare with me, I will put an edit in this post once the movie is back online, which it nearly is, and then we need to start the long old process of trying to make every video link and video embed gets fixed to the new details.

Sorry guys, we don't know why or how, and are really annoyed as to why we weren't informed, but there isn't much we can do. The movies are the main priority to get back onto YouTube, then we will work on trying to get the new trailer back on. Also, the special features are just about still on my computer (was going to delete them soon) but so they will make their way on probably sometime tomorrow. So subscribe to the new channel, a link will come in the edit. You will know I have edited this post because I will make it clear at the top of the post.

Animator Meerkat 


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