Have you heard the news? We are actually on track? Picture Meerkat thinks he will be done in time (Wednesday) ready to take on animating at full throttle!

Hopefully, once everything is drawn out, the process should be really fast. I wouldn't be surprised if every scene is animated (bar the full action scenes) by the end of March 2010. It seems possible... right?!?!? 

As the title suggests, we are planning the new trailer. As you know, last time we did 3 trailers. Two teaser trails and one final, proper, finished trailer. I plan to do the same this time. Except, for teaser trailer two, I have had an excellent idea, which I think you will like. You want clues? I will give you clues! Scene 2, Movie 2 will be the only scene that features ;) And no, its not just a teaser scene! It is the start of the scene, with an added comedic twist.

I plan to start the first teaser trailer next week. Once it is online, the link will go up here as soon as possible. Hopefully, if I aim to have it finished midway through next week, then that gives Picture Meerkat time to have sent me some more scenes to animate to feature in the trailer. As last time, the teaser trailer 1 was done too early - I feel - and lacked content. It is better if we have more to show you because it makes it more momentous. A clip of what is to come isn't good enough now, we need MTV fast editing ;)

Animator Meerkat


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