First of all, the nice joke. Now, this is not my joke, so I do not claim it to be mine. I am posting it because it is meerkat related, the following, was posted on the Aleksandr Orlov: Founder of Compare The Meerkat Facebook page (I wish we got there first!) so here it is: 
Yesterday Sergei discover painting of ancestor up in attic. Art cricket say it genuine ‘Meercasso’ and worth many Ruble!
How great is that! I love it, good on you Compare the Meerkat Team!

Anyway, onto our news. Picture Meerkat has finally sent me some concepts! I am about to open them now, and have seen none of them, so will have a quick look, and then come back to this post.


So, I am back here we go, my thoughts:

Agent 1 - Weird hair, too close to Picture's own hair, just wrong colour! 

Agent 2 - Cor! Do any of these look normal? The beard is SCARY!

Argo - Hmm, unsure what I think of him...

Assassin - GREAT!

Background - Nice :)

Richard - Looks like a professor :)

Plane - Freaky weird, but looks nice and modern

My comments above, are just comments on how they look, they are all good. So don't need changing (plus I can't afford to wait to have them changed if I wanted to, 7 weeks it would take!) 

So, I better get on with that soon, not yet though, work stuff to do first!

Animator Meerkat


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