So much news today. It is like a news overload! First of all, probably most relevant to you guys, the first teaser trailer is now online. This is on YouTube. Though to save you guys going over there to find it click on the page called 'Movie Two' on this website. 

Which brings me on to the second piece of news. We have had a website change around. I have renamed the homepage (not the start page!) 'Movie 1' and then the new page after the old homepage is 'movie two'. So go to there for all the latest news from the second movie. 

Thirdly, due to some problems with acting (not on my part) and due to the factors that allow us to put the movies into an app, the actor due to play the assassin is 'too old' and therefore can't play the part. It doesn't fit with the guide lines. So luckily, a friend, Callum, snuck in to save the day, and has recorded all his parts as the assassin, and has made a special feature about the assassin for us! 

Anyway, as for the last bit of news. I know it isn't directly related to the movie, but I have to say it. Today, thanks to my expert directing skills, I was asked to help record an audition for a BBC TV show. Of course, I said yes and today directed my first actual piece outside of these movies! Well, since these movies. So good luck to my friends Jamie and Ashley and thanks for allowing me to help you, it was an hour well spent!

Animator Meerkat


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