I said nearly all I wanted to say yesterday, but there are a few things that perhaps need a mention. so first up, yesterday, I had one scene to do. I didn't have a chance to do it last night due to the fact I was out. So therefore, tonight, in just a minute actually, a new scene joins the movie. Well, a new ANIMATED scene joins the movie. Being that it was written in since the beginning. Picture Meerkat is making the background for it, and just wants 30 seconds of a plane moving. Yes, I can tell you loads about this one because it doesn't reveal hardly anything! So it is just a plane moving from side to side for 30 seconds. Yup that is it :) 

I am also aware that I am going to be sent a few new scenes over the next few scenes, with a number of the new characters in it. I can't wait to make it, though I am told that I have to read the synopsis carefully for that scene because it needs people to move to certain places at certain times. 

Do I think the movie will be out by May? Yes! Maybe before!

And as I said, trailer next week. If you can think of any good ideas, leave a comment on the post. But don't worry if you can't think of any, I have a fair few good tricks up my sleeve! It is, after all, just a teaser trailer it doesn't require me to show you much of the movie. Though as I am so nice, I will try and incorporate quite a bit :)

Animator Meerkat



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