Yes, it is true, we have crossed 11,000. I wish I knew which aspect of advertising this is from, though I would expect it is from people clicking the annotations on some of the YouTube videos!

Finally the day has come, where I feel you need to be made aware of my current situation regarding the movies. Picture Meerkat (much like me) has started work on another project which involves painting etc. and this has delayed us by weeks. This was very disappointing to me, because I have been juggling projects for ages, but have always managed to get everything done in time. 

It has become an increasing concern to me, that we told you May was the current release we were expecting. Now, ever since we announced that, I have been dead set on that being the case. But, with Picture Meerkat way behind schedule, and now embarking on some more admin for his painting projects, I can't see us being done in time.

So here is my suggestion, the movie will be finished (apart from the little polishing bits I do at the end) by 5th May 2010 - so we can go for a mid May release. 

I expect it done long before then, but Picture Meerkat needs to hurry up. If it isn't finished by that day *Shudders* I wonder if this could be our last movie? So, guys, its all in Picture Meerkat's hands :(

Animator Meerkat


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