I am going to post below what we have posted on the official iPhone app page of the site so you are aware of whats going on, basically, a new update is out! Woo-hoo! 

The below also has news on Movie Two and what I propose to do as a thank you to our loyal app owners!

' The first update to our iPhone app is out! As of yesterday! There are quite a few new features for you to get your teeth into. We have updated the YouTube channel with our new one, so access to that is now available. The blog link has been made faster and refurbished. It is a more organized app, with two main buttons at the top of the screen: Movie 1 and Movie 2. If you click Movie 1, it opens into Movie and Special Features, and goes on as normal. If you click Movie Two, it automatically plays the first teaser trailer. Another update will go live as soon as Movie Two is released - discussions are being made whether people owning the iPhone app should be able to view the Second Movie a day or two early, as form of thanks for downloading. If you haven't got your copy, link is on the official iPhone app page of this very site! It's totally FREE! '

So there you go!

Animator Meerkat


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