The first advert has gone live, http://aniphonecoder.com

from one of my friends. He kindly let me have the ad free, and when he averages on about 50 views a day, this will certainly help our totals!

The other advert planned on www.the3appmigos.com hasn't gone live yet, they are just rejigging the web pages on their site to fit everything in - but they border on an average on 300 views a day, so I look forward to that site's advert going live!

As with the movie, we are so close to being 11,000! I mean, 10,982? Come one YouTube! So, please help us to keep getting views for the movie - the advertising campaign I mentioned yesterday is strengthening - it has over 1,000 views in a day, so that would suggest at some point this week, that is going to go mega, like my last Lady GaGa one and get us loads of views!

I am trying to upload the second teaser trailer, at the moment, I am waiting - as usual - for Picture Meerkat to actually FINISH them! Cor! Can't get the staff these days!

Animator Meerkat


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