Got lots to get through in this post - in fact, I would go as far as to say this post is going to be chocka! 

We have nearly passed that 10,000 mark again - we are currently at 9, 577. You know what? I am hoping to leave a post tomorrow which reads something like '10,000 past!' because we are so close. Every day at the moment I am leaving posts regarding how our channel was mistakenly shut down (our old one), if it continues, then I may just make a page on the website called 'Our Youtube Channel' or put a note on one of the other pages explaining exactly what happened, will let you know if I do.

Lady Gaga. I know what you're thinking - she has nothing to do with these movies right? Wrong! She WILL appear (as a meerkat) in the second teaser trailer for the movie, due out some time this coming weekend! This doesn't mean its just a cameo in a trailer, oh no. Lady GaGa WILL appear in something to do with the movie. I am being very vague as to not spoil anything yet.

Which brings us on to my next topic for today. Movie Two: Teaser Trailer 2 will be coming out this weekend. I will put a link up on the start page, and the homepage, as soon as the movie teaser is released. I bet you can't wait! So, this weekend, visit the site as much as you can, as at some point, the movie teaser will be coming to you!

Yes, we will be voicing the second movie properly soon! In the next few days, Picture Meerkat will be letting me know when he is around because we intend to set a date for voice recording! As a round guestimate, we are looking at the next few weeks! We intend to record real soon!

Finally, the new banner for the website! It isn't there yet, but we WILL be adding a new banner over the next week or so. This time, with an easter theme. It will be movie related - kind of like the snowy one for christmas, but more complex with more movement. 

Wow, this has been a whirl wind of a post! More soon!

Animator Meerkat


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