So much to talk to you about today, and there seems to be the running them of the number 2? Let's get started then...

First of all (the non related '2' thing) Lady GaKat was delivered to me this morning and I got down on working on Teaser Trailer 2 today. I think she looks quite good, really meerk-katty :)

For those interested fans, you will have realised for me to have started work on the second teaser trailer, scene 2 which is needed for this trailer must have been delivered right? Well, it has It is a really good looking scene, and the wall and floor for this scene are amazingly realistic!

Which brings me on to the Teaser Trailer. I should have it nearly finished by the end of the night, if not completely finished. Picture Meerkat wants to drum up the suspense, so, instead of doing what I wanted to do (release the second trailer tonight!) we have picked this coming Friday (Friday 26th March 2010) as the night for the second trailer to be released. I will put a post up here as soon as it is available.

In order for the app to have the second teaser as soon as possible, I need to have the trailer finished tonight because our developer needs to add it into the update over the next few days.

Finally, Picture Meerkat has promised us two scenes tomorrow! The finished scene 1 and the finished scene 2. Your wondering why I said scene 2? Well, it is because, he has sent me the finished scene 2 missing the video that will appear on the screen (you will see what I mean on Friday!) and so this area was green screened out. He said he may even have finished scene 3 or at least got his paws firmly into that by tomorrow morning!

Also, just a quickie, recording will take place in the next 2-3 weeks! Exciting!

Animator Meerkat 


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