The Easter Banner should be up by Friday now. Sorry for the delay, as usual it is Picture Meerkat that you can blame. He was meant to have sent the Easter stuff I need for the banner AGES ago. As if that wasn't bad enough, he sent them this morning, but it was the wrong things. We sat there together and went through everything in the folder he sent me, none of them were the easter stuff, yet he is still sure he sent it. It was also promised that he would send it to me as soon as he got home tonight (What, 5 'o' Clock latest?) 3 hours later, still no sign, so I'm giving up. I am busy tomorrow, so it probably won't be done until Friday earliest. Sorry, it isn't anything to do with me, it is Picture Meerkat and his lousy time keeping and organization skills. 

On the slightly brighter side, most of the scenes between 1 and 10 which were previously not done, are nearly finished by Picture Meerkat. Hopefully will be able to announce soon the devilish scenes left to finish!

I am looking forward to the next month for many reasons. Blog wise, mainly because I love looking in the archives section to the left of this post and seeing a new month. Sigh, I feel as sad as Picture Meerkat is. Also, because during the month of April, we should nearly finish the whole movie. Then on to May, and film 2 release, and film 1 start!

Finally, Lardich has now got a blog. Find it below Picture Meerkat's blog, entitled 'Lardich's Lowdown' where he will tell you the latest as he sees it, and that latest regarding special guests on his show etc. Basically, the actor who plays Lardich writes a post, sends it to me, I edit and moderate it and then put it online. We just wanted to add a new weekly to two weekly feature to keep you interested and to give you more things to look for on the blog.

I can't wait for the day until you go to a page like the 'The TV Channel Page' or 'Start' or 'About Us' when you see pages all the way down to the foot of the page on the left hand side. *Sigh*, the day is getting nearer.

Well, I have spent enough time writing this news post now, I mean, you can tell that much just by the length of it. I thought you guys deserved an update following the recent surge in views on the website. I don't know why or whats going on, but good job guys! - Now can we have a surge in views on Meerkat Movie 1 - Part 1 on YouTube? A new advertising campaign with a lead gaming organization, hoping to announce later this week. But who knows, something could go wrong. I hope not.

Right, thats enough, dessert time now, but I don't think I will have some bugs or beetles, as appetizing as that may sound to some meerkats :P

Animator Meerkat


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