I am trying desperately hard to make up for all these problems Picture Meerkat is having at his end, or should I call them 'delays'. Anyway, in a bid to get us closer to being back on schedule, I have completed another scene tonight! I said I wouldn't but I just had to because I want this to be ready for a release on time. As after all, we want two movies to be released this year, and one to be about half way through the creating stages by the end of the year. Thats two and a half movies! So I am really going for it at the moment!

Sorry about the delay with the app update, our app developer had a few hiccups (wow, one day I am going to cause a hiccup on this site and movie project!) but he assures me the app update has been submitted today. This means we are expecting the update to be out late this week, or early next week. May I remind you, the update brings with it some sneak peaks for the next movie - amongst other things. You heard it here first!

Animator Meerkat


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