As was explained last night, Picture Meerkat has sent the last of my concepts, and I have good news. I have managed to do one of the scenes. This is a two part scene which I have really enjoyed doing.

I enjoyed doing it so much because it is the first scene I have ever had to animate with separate Meerkats flying. Thats all the news for you now, you will have to wait a while before you get any more out of me than that ;)

I have been sent three other scene's concepts, the only problem is I don't actually understand what I am being asked to do with them etc. I don't know how to animate them because the synopsis isn't clear enough. I will speak to Picture Meerkat tomorrow, and we shall discuss these scenes that still need to be completed.

Much to my annoyance (I'm joking!) Picture Meerkat has only gone and got himself piled up with work for the next two weeks! Great ey?!?! But, there is a slight good point to this, he has promised when he finishes this week he is going to go full speed to get all his scenes finished in time.

As for recording voices, it is yet to be decided when we will record, though as an early guesstimate, I imagine either late March, early April.

More news on that soon!

Animator Meerkat


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