As I said in yesterday's post, I would notify you again once we hit 10,000. That day has come, and we are well on our way to 11,000, if we can get back up to 16,000 or even pass this, it would be amazing, so please, help us out, by making a youtube, going to the video, rating 5*, subscribing and of course commenting!

Teaser Trailer 2? I am hoping to have it out some time this weekend. I am currently waiting for Picture Meerkat to send me the items I need for this trailer, he is hard at work right now trying to get them finished. Just to clarify, this is the trailer which includes Lady Gakat's first appearance. Yesterday, I sent Picture Meerkat the picture of Lady Gaga of which I want him to model it on and have given him instructions. This Lady Gakat, is going to look as close to realism as is possible!

Animator Meerkat


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