For information on new advertising campaigns I have started today, look on the post below this one on the page!

Before we get on to the main attraction, scene 2 and Lady GaKat are due to be delivered to me at some point tomorrow. I am waiting anxiously for them, because with the new Lady Gakat bits, we will be able to launch it onto YouTube and get loads more views.

Talking of which, we are now on to the main attraction. I think this is for the first time EVER, but we are in the most watched videos on youtube THIS WEEK! We have done it in most watched today, but this is a new record. And guess what? In THREE different countries: United Kingdom, Taiwan and New Zealand! Woop!

It doesn't stop there! We have even gone and got into the top most discussed videos on YouTube this week, with a total of 92 comments so far this week! Hopefully, this will get my Lady GaGa video more exposure again, and this will then result in that video getting lots of views, and once again, the Meerkat Movie - Part 1 getting loads more views! (I hope!) I have seen the change already! So far today, I had 1 comment in a whole day on one of my videos. As soon as the honors were announced, we suddenly received two comments in an hour. So it shows its working, hoping for some good news about at least crossing 11,000 for the meerkat movie by tomorrow! Honors below, as always!

Animator Meerkat 



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