So, yes, for the second time, we cross 3,000 views on YouTube! I am really sorry guys, and I am as annoyed as you that out old channel on YouTube was 'mistakenly' shut down, but this was through no fault of our own. But, we are building back up again! Trying to get back to our rightful position! And, as soon as we cross 16,000 again (and I am very hopeful that day will come!) That banner on the homepage, saying now with over 15,000 views, can be updated another few times. We have another few 5,000 viewings left in the first movie yet!

The second teaser trailer for movie two will be coming soon. Later this week, Picture Meerkat is going to send me the completed scene two. This scene (number two!) is the main scene featured in this second teaser trailer. Although this teaser trailer is more of a 'funny' video that a serious sneak peak, if you watch closely, it is a teaser trailer within a teaser trailer, because you will be able to see a serious trailer somewhere within the funny one. Don't understand? You will soon!

I intend to start work on the Easter banner in the next few days, probably tomorrow, or maybe today if I can get time. Picture Meerkat is sending me six generic easter eggs all different colors etc. and I have a really nice idea. It will be our most complicated banner yet, but as you know, the most complicated one so far was the snow one, so this one is really easy to make and really quick - but as far as banners on this website go, its complicated ;)

Animator Meerkat


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