Yes, the news is true. Today, we have hit 5,000 again! Yay Really hoping to keep improving. I am personally slightly worried about the rating of the movie, so (this incl. you Picture Meerkat) if you have a YouTube account, go rate the movie, if you don't MAKE ONE! Please You never have to go on it again, just go onto our channel, watch the movie, rate, sub - you never have to go back on YouTube and sign in ever again! So please!

Yes, we are still rising. We are nearly at that 6,000 mark, I am desperately thinking of more videos that I could upload which would get us loads of views. One of the videos I uploaded the other day has really pushed our movies viewings up at notch! This video has loads of honors, of which are all at the end of this post! It's amazing. So people from all these countries at the end of this post, have helped make the meerkat movie rocket sky high over the last few days! And this is only the ones YouTube credit as being in the top 100! Wow!

Thanks all, please continue to support!

Animator Meerkat



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