Great news all round today! We had loads of views on the website yesterday, the highest figures for the last month, so thank you guys for visiting the site yesterday, and I ask you to continue visiting every day or two, to get the latest information as it happens!

The YouTube video has now gone over 2,000 views! Usually, we would have about 25,000 views by now, but as you know due to our last youtube channel fiasco, we have had to start again. Two weeks later, the fan base is growing again, and the movie has nearly 3,000 views! So lets keep going, my advertising campaign is obviously working, thanks GaGa! 

Today, Picture Meerkat gets back to work with the movie, can't wait to see what he produces! 

Also, today I have spoken to our developer, and he said there is a new update coming soon, this time with email, twitter and button updates. Hopefully no ads, and maybe even the new teaser trailer. Lots will be in the next update, it should be our last one before the second movie release! We are in discussions to definitely bring movie two out on the app at least a few days early, your thoughts?

Animator Meerkat



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