More YouTube problems. I am sorry to say our YouTube channel has been removed again! We are as annoyed as you are about this, and we are desperately trying to work to have this fixed as soon as possible. We know why the YouTube channel has been taken down, it wasn't through fault of our own - don't worry! As we speak, I have been eagerly uploading videos to our new YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/meerkatofficials and due to the amount of videos I have uploaded tonight (about 20 so far!) YouTube is running super mega slow, so I am probably going to not get everything uploaded, the movie parts are taking forever so may not be back online until tomorrow night - sorry guys.

Also, an exciting new project - it is completely related to the movie, kind of like the iPhone app (again to do with iPhone but Computer too!) BUT this time, all I am saying is television. More news soon ;) Ooh, Im excited about this side project! 

Animator Meerkat 


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