Hi guys,

I am so excited, because only a day after announcing us crossing the 7,000 mark, we have crossed the 7,500 mark (and guess what - at this moment in time we are only 24 views away from 7,600). I am so excited and pleased and greatful to anyone that has helped us, because the views have picked up yesterday and today. Can you believe it guys, we are less that 10,000 away from the ultimate goal for the next few weeks, help us get there!

I am really happy to announce that my advertising seems to be working. It has made us hold on to our 3 channel honors today and get this - today, I checked the channel honor for 'Most Watched - This Month'. How many views do you think? over 52,000 views this month! Thanks for your help guys! The honors are all at the bottom now.

One of my advertising videos got in the top 100 today! This morning, when I got up, we had two videos in the top 100, but now we only have one. With any luck, the other one will pick up views again, but of course my main focus is this one which seems to be getting us lots of views. Come on guys, we can do this! Fingers Crossed.
Right, I have to finish this post now, I want to try and get to at least scene 10 in audio adding tonight, if not Scene 15! Picture Meerkat has finally delivered scene 4, so I am only missing one or two tiny bits for scene 1 and scene 4, and then scene 6 - and then we can have all of the first 10 scenes in the final complition file. Tomorrow marks the beggining of movie month for us (thought of on the spot) being that it is the month the movie comes out in.

What can you do to help? Do I need to say? Get Movie 1 - Part 1 back up to 16,000 views, come on guys, we can do this!

Now, to leave you with the honors!

Animator Meerkat


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