Hi guys,

So yes, it is true, we are a mere 8 views a way from 7,000. With any luck, in the next hour or two, when the YouTube server updates, I will be able to announce to you all we have crossed 7,000. You see, the YouTube server takes a few hours to update, so with any luck I will be able to edit this post with news of crossing 7,000 soon!

EDIT: About an hour after leaving this post, YouTube servers were updated. We have now crossed 7,000 on the movie, and are well on our way to 8,000. I have been uploading content this evening, and have the delightful job to tell you that 3 videos have been uploaded tonight, one more is on its way. One of the three has taken off and the other two are taking off, but at a slower rate. Right, back to movie editing for me!

In the mean time, tonight I am uploading another two videos in an attempt to get some more views! I may even upload more! With one video just uploaded, and two uploading now, with any luck we can get loads more views really quickly!

It shows that it is paying off, because today we have three channel honors. Two really good things about the fact we have three channel honors are: 1) It means it is for the whole channel and not just one video and 2) There is one channel honor for: day, week and month! Wow guys, a month one! i am so exited, we have done so well to get this far, and lets keep going people! Help us get that 16,000 before Saturday 15th May.

I will be doing some more scenes tonight, so expect some more audio added to more scenes, although I am busy tonight so may not get to do much. I hope to have most of the scenes either complete with sound or nearly complete by Tuesday next week!

Animator Meerkat


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