If you want all the news, check the post below - I left it earlier today and it has loads of news in it. The best bit about it is it has all 9 honours we achieved today, so look in the post below.

So, with that post from earlier covering most of the news, this post only has one bit of news in it...

I sneakily didn't tell anyone, not even Picture Meerkat, that I was making the final trailer for the movie. So, I have posted it on the new homepage of the website. So, if you go to the movie two trailer page of the website, you can view the new 1 minute long trailer. I didn't decide to do it until tonight, and then I realised, now less that a month away from release, you deserved a final trailer. So there it is.

It features in it all of the clips that I could giveaway without telling you the plot. Even, after you see Edvard's friends, if you pause the trailer, or watch carefully, you can see two new enemies appear. But it is such a snapshot that you may miss them.

So I know what your thinking, what about the old homepage with that amazing banner Animator Meerkat made (me)? Well, from now on, we are not going to be deleting these amazing banners, they are now on a new page called 'past animated banners' so check them out on the left hand side nav bar of this site (it is near the bottom) - so now we can get a collection going on.

Let us know your thoughts on the trailer

Animator Meerkat


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