The main reason I am writing this post today, is to not be like Picture Meerkat. I want to uphold my title of 'most amazing person who updates the posts on the website who without we would be lost and there would be no movies'... too long? OK, MAPWUTPOTWWWWWBL for short?

Anyway, so I struggled to think of something to write about for you guys today, but I finally have a few ideas.

I have been told by one of voice actors (Katie, who played the teacher in movie 1) that Picture Meerkat has been doing lots of work (OK, your right guys, don't hold your breath - the chance of him actually finishing something is 1/1000000000000000) but I guess we can believe it when we see it ey?

We are hoping to be able to announce two new deals in the next two upcoming weeks. One of them should be announced in this coming week, and then if all goes well, the more exciting one and the more beneficial one for you guys will be announced in the week after that.

Obviously, as always, something could fall through, but we are working hard (well - I am) to maintain our record which is actually as near to flawless as I can manage. I am doing my upmost to make sure as few things go wrong as possible, and I think, all of these campaigns or side projects like the TV channel or the app haven't gone wrong. So, I'm hoping the next two will pay off.

The first one of which I hope to announce shouldn't affect you guys really at all because it is something for the website, which will simply make it easier and better for us to work better. The second one, could affect you guys. The second one you see is a bit of a hit or miss - one part of it is sure to happen, the side project of this side project is a right long shot and would include an actual ____ (no, not a rude word, just blocking it out so you don't know) - though I don't think this would happen, so its a bit of a long shot. Although this is true, I'm still hoping the first part of this second project will pay off.

Also, exciting news on the new members of the team front - we haven't got any to announce yet, but I have a few interested participants ;) - If you would like to audition for movie three onwards, please email: edvardmovie@hotmail.com with your name, age, country and a video or audio audition of you saying anything you like in your best meerkat or mongoose accent, depending on which you would like to be!

Animator Meerkat


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