Following the one I did at Christmas (the Christmas Banner), I realised it seemed fitting to make another banner. Now, for weeks, I have been going on at Picture Meerkat to get the concepts I needed sent over, and this morning, I have finally been able to do something with the concepts he sent yesterday.

I wanted and needed this banner to be more complex than the last one, so you guys can see how we have improved the site. I have managed to get the balance just right, and the new banner doesn't take too long to load.

When you open the site, as you should have seen, you open to the new easter welcome page instead of the start page. This page will disappear once the season is over, so probably by the end of April. The page will appear again, renamed, when we create another seasonal banner!

This new Easter Banner has some surprises. Many sites do an 'advent calendar' for Christmas, with a surprise behind each door, I have decided to incorporate all of our current secret projects from the last few weeks, and make them accessible here.  The last of the five Easter Surprises isn't new, it is just 'forgotten' so it is a link to veoh - as we haven't mentioned them in ages!

So take a look, and I hope you enjoy the banner.

We are hoping to get right down to work over the next few weeks, and hopefully will have some great movie news over the next two weeks. I am trying to announce another project, but that is only if it comes off - which it may not. 

Happy Easter guys, and think of us, the meerkat movies and this whole entire bundle of projects as you sit down in front of the TV to eat an Easter Egg! You can all send your easter presents to me to... oh, your not sending any? Ok, *sniff* no problem *sniff*, I don't mind *bursts into tears*. I'm joking guys, Happy Easter!

Animator Meerkat 


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