So yes, we are just under a 4,000 viewing score. We are currently at 3,890 - so I am very hopeful that we could cross 4,000 before the end of tonight (if we do, then I will edit this post, and make it clear where I have edited, saying that we have crossed 4,000 again). So, we are doing really well at the moment and we will see what happens in the next few days.


As agreed in the paragraph above, I was to tell you if we cross 4,000 tonight. Well, every 20 minutes for the last 4 hours, and now at 20:30 (GMT) I am proud to announce, I have just refreshed the YouTube viewing figures, and we are now into the 4,000! Woop!

As with the video that got into the top 50 today, it is no longer there, just so you know


The reason I am so hopeful? One of the two videos which I was hoping we would spot in the top 50 in a few days, has indeed made it into the top 50 today. I am so pleased, a day after its release and it is in the top most watched videos. It is videos like that one which push us to get more views, and hopefully, if none of the other videos manage it, should push us up to at least 4,000 by tomorrow morning.

More news on our first collaboration project. I don't want to yet announce who it is with, or what it is, but it is an advertising type side project, which we are hopeful will push our viewing figures sky high once again. Today, I have spoken to a contact where this collaboration project is taking place, and it has been approved. Any day now, we are expecting it to go live, so I look forward to telling you exactly what it is in the coming days - most probably this week.

I leave you with todays honors!

Animator Meerkat


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