It seems we are super busy at the moment on YouTube, and I'm doing my best to get us loads of views. Since this morning, when I left this post (about 9 hours ago), we have achieved another honor. So, we are now on 9 honors for one single video! How good is that!

I am just about to take a YouTube session, as soon as I finish writing this post, in which I will try and upload some more videos that I can find on my computer, I'm hoping we will continue to rise in views.

Earlier today, from about 11, we actually exited the charts and lost all our honors very briefly. Now, we have got them back again, and therefore are back in the charts. The most exciting thing, is one of them is a worldwide honor, not just a country one.

Continue to support us in growing, we are now only 10,000 away from the final goal for the next few weeks. Which brings me swiftly on to the other piece of news to be covered in this post. Because we left the charts briefly earlier, our viewing figures have risen less rapidly today, but hopefully, with the help of some more uploads (if I can find some) and these 9 honors, and of course you guys, we can increase loads overnight! Up to 7,000 - is this possible guys? We will see, lets all hope and pray :)

Now, I leave you with the honors!

Animator Meerkat


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