I have exciting news for you guys today. We have set a date we are aiming to release movie two on Saturday 15th May 2010. So, set that date in your calendars and diaries etc.

I am really excited now because it feels like we are actually working to a date and it feels realistic. It will all work out, and the movie will be out that day IF Picture Meerkat works full speed and then the movie will be with you a month on Thursday! Which is a Saturday guys!

Also, the site has a planned revamp. I have been speaking to a friend who is going to see what he can do with the site. It might come to nothing, but if we do get a revamp that would be nice.

I will keep you posted, but if we do have a site upgrade it would most probably take place in the next week or two. So, we will see what happens.

As you know, I am hoping to have news to announce in the next week or two kind of side projects, but as with what happens to them I don't know. The rwo projects I am hoping to announce in the next two weeks are the most uncertain of any we have done so far - but that doesn't include the revamp - I'm very hopeful that, that could happen in the next week or so.

Oooh, exciting ;)

Animator Meerkat


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