I have added the new movie countdown to the Easter welcome page, obviously, it will be moved when we get rid of the Easter page at the end of the month. But yes, the new countdown timer is online, 29 days left until we release this here movie!

I have launched yet MORE advertising, sometimes I wonder why because it takes so long to achieve anything, but on YouTube I have been busy uploading non related videos. Over night, one of these videos has had 10,000 views which is really helping a lot.

This video has then in turn got 5 honours today which is absolutely amazing. Can you believe it? I know its not the most we have ever had, but on this new channel it is the most we have ever had, I am so glad that I have managed this and will paste the honours on the bottom of this post :)

It has pushed the movie views up to just over 10,000 - which means we are back on the rise, well on our way to 16,000 once again!

For more information as what I mean about the '16,000' just look on the posts below (quite a few below) - I have mentioned it way too many times for its own good, so this time, I will save from doing so.

We still have a site upgrade planned, but due to the fact that Weebly has so many limitations, our website designer (as off the other day) will have a look and send me a report of what can actually be done so, I await that eagerly!

Animator Meerkat


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