So, as you may have noticed, there is a new banner picture in the top left hand corner. Finally, I am going to use that space to our advantage, and so I filled it with the new website banner for the forthcoming movie. Although this happened yesterday (the new banner) I decided enough news was enough for yesterday, so kept it for today so I actually had something to tell you.

But by the looks of things, I would have had a load to tell you anyway! For instance, today another one of my videos got in the top 100, this time, it achieved from 1,000 views yesterday morning, to 10,000 views this morning. With this, has come loads of honors, we have 8 for one single video! I am so happy. As this video has only been up a day or two, it is only currently in the 'daily' charts, but with any luck it will continue and push its way into the weekly charts as well.

So, now it is time for me to remind you all why I have been pushing this advertising forward, simple, because it gets the movie lots of views which is exactly what we are trying to achieve. So, part 1 of the first movie, is now at 5,930 odd views, which means we are in the final push before we reacdh 6,000. So come on guys, lets continue growing and getting more views for the movie, we only have just under 3 weeks left, and we need to get the movie up to 16,000 views again before the next movie comes out - or we have to at least give it an amazing go!

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