Hiya guys!

So, today marks 3 weeks until movie release date, how exciting is that. To think, it is coming around so quickly. Especialy for me and Picture Meerkat who are working triple speed to provide more content for you for the movies.

So, anyway, we have a planned update for the application in the next three to four weeks. Not surprising really, because the movie is obviously coming out, and we want it to be on the app. Unfortunately, due to the speed at which Apple (c) are currently taking a while to approve apps, plus we have to finish the movie so that we can submit it. This means, this time round, the application owners may not get the movie first, as you may remember we had hoped to thank our app owners by giving the movie to them 5 days early.

We are desperatley hoping that they will still get it earlier (before online release date) but no promises this time. So, if it doesn't happen this time, I will try my best to make sure it happens next time.

Also, I am hoping to make another special feature today, which would bring us up to a total of three special features. These would be all the special features I can complete without Picture Meerkat. After Tuesday of this coming week, I will be able to make another two special features, which will leave us with one left to make.

The last one, will be the outtakes, because they take the most work. But rest assured, I hope to have neven the outtakes done by the end of next week :)

Animator Meerkat


05/03/2011 02:24

The sale of the greeting cards made by the children at San Sa Ho Primary School and sold at the UNIS Spring Fair was a great success. ALL of the cards were sold and many people commented on the excellent art work on display. The money raised will go towards our next project: providing jackets and shoes for all students at the school. Thanks to all those people who purchased a card and contributed to the cause.In addition to the sale of cards, Grade 10 students also organised a 'Clothes Drive' encouraging the donation of primary school-sized clothing for donation to children at the school.


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