So, today, we have maintained our 4 honors and our 2 videos in the top 100 today. Although some of these honors have moved down in the charts, I am happy to announce some of them have increased and gone further up the charts of the top 100 videos.

As I had said yesterday, I wanted to have at least one special feature completed last night. I managed it. As some of you may remember,  I had the audio recorded for 'Let's Laugh With Lardich' with the actors, so last night I completed the video to go along with this. I included the performance. So, now, the Let's Laugh With Lardich 2 - featuring an interview from the Assassin as well as a guest performance from Lady Gakat of Telephone.

So, I think it will be a special feature of which you will particularly enjoy because Lardich has a new studio, as well as a new logo. This has many benefits which I'm sure will become obvious to you because I have chosen to completely revamp the show.

See what you think when it comes out, here are the honors!

Animator Meerkat


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