So yes it is true, we have completed the voice acting. In slightly over two hours tonight, we recorded all of the voicing for the second movie. I am so happy to have it now complete. Now, in the last three weeks we are just needing to do the last few scenes, and add the voices to it all and then it will all be finished.

Along with voice recording, we have also recorded another two special features. Luckily, we have now got the competiton and the directors commentary out the way. Tomorrow, I start adding all the voices into the movie. Tonight, I upload more videos!

So, this is just a short post, while I wait for a video to upload, to let you know we are finished.

I also apologize for changing Picture Meerkat's post below, how could I have done that. I changed the words in his post, but we will see how long I can continue changing his things for before he locks the page from me :P

Animator Meerkat


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