So, the main news tonight, if the voice acting night is tomorrow eveing. Where me and Picture Meerkat sit down for hours and record the voices for every single scene, right there for you!

I am really excited because it feels like it has come around quickly - but after the last one I can imagine it will be a lot of hard work. Especially working with Picture Meerkat, who I found out after the first movie recording date gets me into fits of giggles and it takes ages to get me back on track. So Picture Meerkat, we have less time this time around, so I must keep focused!

Tonight, I only decided to write this post because I have just finished making a new special feature - Trailer Commentary #2'. So, now that is out the way we only have three special features left to make. The directors' commentary will come tomorrow night after we have made it, and so will the competiton (yes, there is another competition, with actual prizes this time around, including movie roles), then I only have one special feature left to make. That will be the Outtakes, but you will be please to know 4 of the planned (approximately) 6 outtakes have already been made, Picture Meerkat will do the other two, but I will make two spares in case he doesn't have time. If he does have time, we will just have 8 outtakes, more for you guys!

Today has been a slow day for movie views, because after a day or two, you go out the charts with any videos you are in there with, this means I then have to hope and pray that the video will get into the most watched videos for the week, fingers crossed with this latest one, it did get 9 honors yesterday come on. But, now after two days it is out the charts, as expected, so while I wait for it to get into the most watched this week, I uploaded two new ones today. One which is taking of at a steady pace, and the other one which has really gone for it, and is getting quite a few views. Fingers crossed for one or both of them being in the charts either tomorrow or Wednesday! - If they do (or it does) it gets the movie views, so fingers crossed.

Phew, another day with lots of news. Time to go get some dinner, I have been working flat out all evening and I'm hungry!

Animator Meerkat


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