So, for the third time, we have crossed the 3,000 mark and are still rising. We crossed the 3,000 mark in the last 10 minutes, so I am really happy to announce it straight afterwords. So yes, its true we have passed 3,000 again.

When we say again those fans who have been with us for a while will understand what I mean by that. For our new fans, I will explain once more. Ages ago, when we were on the channel Th3AppStoreReviewer and then again when we were at Bandsandmovie (both youtube channels) we got taken down. The reason has now been confirmed to us in emails from You Tube, it was a mistaken removal because they were told we had video content on our channel of which we didn't (American Idol stuff)but both times, we came back fighting. This time, on Meerkat Officials, we are steering well clear from live television broadcasts, as not to suffer from the same mistaken fate!

So yes, again we have crossed the 3,000 mark, and hopefully this will continue to grow. I say this, because yesterday we crossed the 2.000 mark, so it seems that we are growing by considerable amounts each day. I am hopeful that we should catch up and overtake our previous high score of 16,000 (as was set on Th3AppStoreReviewer) as soon as possible. I would love for us to have crossed our total before the new movie comes out, but we will see how it goes - so tell all your friends to watch it!

We are hoping to set a date this week for recording, the date will probably be the following week (very exciting) - more news on that as it happens.

If you are yet to see the new trailer for the second movie  which is the final, long, proper trailer, you may want to check it out now. It shows our fan base has grown, because it has already overtaken the viewing figures of which the other two trailers for this movie have on our latest YouTube channel.

As I said, I am very hopeful that we can meet and cross our previous high score for movie views, though I am aware we have a way to go yet. With hopefully a new colaboration/advertising campaign around the corner (in the next week or two) I am really looking forward to giving this our best attempt. So help out if you can!

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