Hello there,

So, first of all, and probably most obviously, what do you think of the new website theme? I am pretty fond of it and think a good job was done of it. I am really happy with the colour of the text, and don't understand why, but I think the yellow text is lovely.

Anyway, on with the movie. We have one less honour today, and obviously because of the length of time they have been in the charts, it means they are going down the charts because the views honours only last for a week. So, the good news is, we still have both of our two videos in the charts.

So, two special features have now been completed. I have decided while I wait for Picture Meerkat to finish the action type scenes of which he is doing I have been making great new special features. As you know, Let's Laugh with Lardich and now the second concept gallery. Some of the special features will need Picture Meerkat to be there for us to review, so on Tuesday (which by the way is recording day!) we will record the voices for the whole movie and the new competition, the commentary and the outtakes.

Ooooh exciting!

Animator Meerkat 


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