I'm really excited today because I got home and have found out we have a new video honor! It isn't for the same video as the one we have had the last few days is - yes unfortunately, we have lost that one now. But, bring on the new! We have a video honor, which isn't for most discussed, we actually have an honor for being the most watched in France!

Also, across two of the three channels I created, we have got 9 channel honors! I am so happy about this, and somewhat surprised how well my new personal one - meerkatsandmongeese - has done, being it hasn't had any advertising. The only channel still not in the charts is the one the movies go on, which I did kind of expect, but part 1 of the second movie is over 300 views now, so all is good.

Hopefully will get a chance to do some script work tonight, hope to spend at least half an hour somewhere on that tonight, but if I run out of time, I will be sure to do some tomorrow, ahead of recording sometime this weekend or next. If I fail to get some spare time for movie writing it is because...

I am still trying to reupload all of the movie files to YouTube. They are all so massive that they take about an hour to hour and a half each, which limits the amount I can upload and therefore limits how fast they get put online. No worries though, they will be on as soon as I can get them on!

Animator Meerkats


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