Hiya guys,

So we have only 4 days and 16 hours left as I sit and write this post to you this evening. How scary is that? I think I will count it as 5 days because it sounds less daunting.

Anyway, we have completed all the scenes up to 20, I am writing this post as I wait for the last of the music to transcode for scene 19, as I wanted a different track to what you have earlier on in the film, so I have chosen something a bit more action packed and thrilling. Well, the beginning is slow so will probably cut it out and just move right onto the cool stuff. Oh, the music has just finished transcoding so I better finish up this post promptly.

I have uploaded another batch of videos onto YouTube today in the hope this will work as advertising for the channel and the movie, as has happened before. But we shall see how it goes.

Todays proper news is in the post below...

Animator Meerkat


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