Well today is a bit of an action packed post isn't it? I have been hard at work for over two hours voicing and ordering scenes, and now I am pleased to announce we can confirm scenes 1 - 10 will be in the final compilation by tomorrow. Currently, I have ordered all of the scenes between 1 and 10 that I have, but I am waiting for Scene 8, Scene 9 and the first part of Scene 10. Once I have them, we can get on to scene 11 - 20.

Today, we have breached 7,600 on YouTube, since the other day it seems we have had another slow down period, but we are nearly at 7,700. With any luck, views on videos will pick up in the next few hours, and then we can get lots of views on the movie. I will be sending emails out to the other two side project people today, hopefully be able to announce tomorrow or Monday exactly when what is happening.

I have uploaded another advertising video, one of the ones I uploaded last night is nearly on 300 now, so this one is showing promise to be in the charts in the next few days. The video of ours that is currently in the charts got up to 4,000 views this morning! I am so pleased. Hopefully we can continue to get lots of views for all the advertising videos, because this will get the movie lots of views!

When I wrote this post, we only had 4 honors still, but then just as I was getting ready to paste the honors in the bottom, I went to the video to find them, and now we have two video honors! We aren't just in the most watched for music, we are in the most watched in the whole of the UK. As we only just entered, we are hanging in there at 99, but with any luck we will go further up in the coming hours!

It's actually pretty hilarious, no sooner had I changed this post to say we now had two video honors, I went to find the channel honors, and we now have 5 of them! Wow, go us! We are doing great today! Come on guys, lets get Edvard Orlovski: The Movie 1 - some serious views! Hehe.

As I mentioned, I have been hard at work today, and I am hopeful to be able to tell you tomorrow (no, understatement we HAVE to tell you tomorrow) that the first scenes are all ready for movie release. Most of 11 - 23 are finished as well, but we are just waiting on a few of them before we can compile them altogether.

I did the last two outtakes last night, so next week, I can compile all the outtakes into one file, and export them ready for the DVD. All of the other special features have been recorded now, but I remembered last night I haven't finished two of them!

The easiest of the lot: Director's Commentary and Competition which we recorded last Tuesday still don't have any video to them, because I forgot about them while trying to get the movie compilation done in time. Today, as I'm waiting for Picture Meerkat to deliver some scenes later today (the last between 1 and 10) I am about to make these videos, and then all the special features will be complete!

Honors below!

Animator Meerkat


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